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CFYDC (Chance) registered charity number: 1121341

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Marina Active

Strategic Lead

Lutel James

Senior Lead

CFYDC (Chance) Trading as Chapeltown Youth Development Centre


The sole purpose of CFYDC (Chance) existing, is to make a difference in the lives of young people and adults living in Chapeltown and the surrounding areas. This will be by providing the facilities, resources and staffing for a range of educational, training and sports activities.


CFYDC (Chance) aims to engage and actively assist in the development of young people and adults, so they are able to reach their fullest potential. This will also be done by creating opportunities, which enable the aspirations and dreams of those who are in need of them to be fulfilled; whatever their background and regardless of their history. It also aims to ensure future independence by capacity building and creating effective partnerships that would lead to progressive development and long term sustainability of the organisation for the benefit of young people and adults.




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Mark Henry

Director/ Tresurer

Dave Adams

Chairman/ Director/ Treasurer/ IT Manager

Ian Lawrence

Director/ Assets and Development Advisor

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Alec Mubaiwa

Trustee Director/ Company Secretary

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Will Bowler

CYDC Centre Manager/ Activities Lead

annmarie sellers

Annmarie Sellers

Senior Administrator/ CYDC Safeguarding Officer

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Shiela Grant

Fundraiser/ Bid Writer


There are a number of volunteering opportunities available at CFYDC (Chance)/ Chapel town Youth Development Centre.

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Kevin Hall

CYDC Sports Lead

lutel james Rounded square marina active louise tanner

Liz Mitchell

Management Advisor

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Louise Tanner

Bookkeeper/ Financial Administrator

St. Clair Brown

Child Protection Officer

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