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CFYDC (Chance) registered charity number: 1121341

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Encouraging learning and playing of music to provide them with experiences of other diverse music form.To develop and learn the necessary skills such as the blending, tuning and making of steel pans which is imperative  for the future growth, sustainability and quality of steel pans.


The Orchestra has been established for the development of cultural Arts specifically relating to Caribbean Music and related art forms. To encourage young people between the age of 5-21 to participate in all aspects of the orchestra thereby developing not only their musical talents, but also their social skills by involving them in all aspects of running the organization, including mentoring, shadowing.


To teach, practice and promote, the playing of steel pan instruments and encouraging the music form of Caribbean Music. To present, promote, organise, provide, manage and produce such workshops, classes, concerts, films, radio broadcasts, television performances, e-learning, courses, seminars, teaching displays, exhibitions and performances.


To engage with the local and wider community of Leeds to encourage, promote and develop this art form. To engage with young people in the local and wider community to inform, inspire, empower and develop various skills such as teamwork, teambuilding, communication skills, and support for their personal and social development.


To engage, educate and promote healthy lifestyles through the power of music, including live performances and regular musical activities to encourage living healthily.





For Further Information please contact

Mr Derek Evelyn



0785 993 4351




The Bungalow, Prince Philip Centre, Scotthall Avenue, Leeds, LS7 2HJ

derek evelyn

Derek Evelyn

Project Manager

HeartsSteelOrchestra lamin

Lamin Jassey

African Drumming Tutor



- 6:30PM - 9:00PM

- Prince Philip Centre, Leeds