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CFYDC (Chance) registered charity number: 1121341

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Free2BMe is a group aimed at girls and young women in Chapeltown. The group fills a very large gap in terms of local provision as many resources are directed mainly towards male dominated projects or mixed groups.


Whilst there is a need for both types of groups, there seem to have been a decline in quality provisions aimed specifically at girls and young women in Chapeltown. Free 2B Me is an intensive group that delivers work programmes alongside informal projects, for the participants who are identified as requiring additional empowerment support. We are Dedicated to keep young people safe. Determined to support young people to be the best they can be and Disciplined to lead by example.








- 5:30PM - 9:00PM

- 7:00PM - 9:00PM

- 5:30PM - 9:00PM

- 7:00PM - 9:00PM

- Ages Between 13 to 19+ (C-Card Drop In)

- Ages Between 11 to 19

- Ages Between 13 to 19+ (C-Card Drop In)

- Ages Between 11 to 19


- Mandela Centre, LS7 3HY

- Mandela Centre, LS7 3HY

- Mandela Centre, LS7 3HY

- Mandela Centre, LS7 3HY


For Further Information please contact

Mr Will Bowler


T: 0113 262 3233    |   M: 0775 618 6552





The Bungalow, Prince Philip Centre, Scotthall Avenue, Leeds, LS7 2HJ

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Will Bowler

Senior Youth Worker

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Richard Bennett

Youth Worker/ Mentor

Lutel James


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Sofiya Charles-Kelly

Trainee Youth Worker

sofiya charles-kelly

Imogen Helliwell

Girls Youth Support/Mentor


CYDC is a charity (Charity No. 1121341) established in 2002 and has attracted youngsters from the local community and surrounding areas. It was founded by two professional footballers and volunteers, their ultimate aim being to encourage and develop youngsters wishing to embark on careers in football. The development centres is expanding every year with more and more youngsters joining.


Each One Teach One Mentoring Project’s work supports those affected by conflict to help prevent future violence in their own communities and beyond. The foundation is the only U.K organisation which supports victims and survivors of political violence and acts of terror, through the provision of learning programmes which explore the causes and effects of conflict and its resolution through non-violent means.



EOTO Mentoring Project’s work is effective and asking an impact at grass-roots  civil society and strategic level. It works to tackle immediate issues ‘on the ground’; facilitate dialogue between users, service providers and policy makers; provide training to capacity-build statutory organisations for sustainable interventions.


Changing Behaviours & Raising Aspirations:

Each One Teach One Mentoring Project has extensive experience of facilitating a range of programmes with participants on the themes of changing behaviours, aspirations building conflict resolution and community cohesion. EOTO specialises in providing programmes that examine attitude, behaviour and challenge participants to look at issues from different perspectives. The tools and methodologies used to facilitate this work include the following:


Sharing Experiences:

Bring people together to share their experiences, gain support from each other and begin to recognise they have things in common.



Providing Participants with tools that help them to analyse and understand conflict in any context, but particularly their own. Simulations & Practices

Participants are able to walk through ‘real life situations’ to practice some of the situations and conflicts that have been discussed. This can take the form of what we traditionally known as ‘role play’ and allows people to experience a situation and rehearse alternative responses to challenging situations that they are presented with. This method is particularly effective at developing confidence and capacity for change as it enables participants to consider cognitive responses and develop different responses.


Each One Teach One Mentoring Project facilitates a number of workshops:

- Real Conversations

- Preventative Behaviour Workshops

- Working with Prejudice & Discrimination

- Dialogue

- Tailored Programme

- Leadership development Programme

- Peer Leading Programme



These programmes (methodology also used within programmes) provide opportunities for individuals to explore issues that divide and unite them, challenge myths and stereotypes, have difficult conversations and work together to deepen understanding of the ‘other’. Often, speakers can be introduced to these sessions to provide a particular perspective or angle. These sessions tend to be run with a small group and enables participants to build trust and have their voices heard. These sessions tend to take people out of their comfort zones; but we only di this with full consent of participants to ensure that they continue to engage in the process at the pace that is appropriate for them.