I decided to get my company Executive Lets to become a sponsor of CYCD after seeing the amazing work they do first hand. My son has played football at the centre for a few years and has got some much out of it. His football skills have improved but more importantly he's learnt team dynamics, hard work, dedication and discipline. He has also learnt to communicate with other kids whose first language isn't English - football truly is an international language. The passion and enthusiasm of the coaches and volunteers who give up their free time is truly inspiring.

Tracy Campbell - Director of Executive Lets.

All my boys started football at Chapeltown Youth Development Centre, when Raheem was around 10 years old. We soon moved out of Leeds but Mallik continued to stick at football, playing for a number of teams whilst in LIverpool. When we came back Mallik joined straight back in at Chapeltown Youth Development Centre and he started to progress exceptionally. Chapeltown Youth Development Centre has helped Mallik throughout his entire football career but they have also supported us as an entire family. Will and Lutel are fantastic male role models to have around our young boys and all the work done at CYDC is amazing

Tracy Coley - Mother of Leeds United's Mallik Wilks

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